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From the year 2003 to 2012, I had visited 25 medical specialties, 100 doctors in total. I often suffered from dyspnea, respiratory infections, pneumonia, I often got a high fever 39-40 C degrees, had a severe cough almost every day, and also a fluid retention. I have been treated in, literally, every hospital in Thessaloniki, but no doctor was able to find the real cause that had been tormenting my body all these years. In the contrary, instead of having less health issues, every year a new kind of disease was showing up.

I summarize the situation of my illnesses here, based on the classic diagnosis that the doctors had made, like this:
1) Common variable immunodeficiency

2) Pulmonary Fibrosis – sarcoidosis
3) Cerebral aneurysm. Subarachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular extension – hydrocephalus.
With all these health problems I had, unfortunately, to spend endless hours and days required each month, on public services, in order to get the drugs of the month, (facing the bureaucracy and callousness of the law performers), since the cost of the drugs at that time was 2,500 euros per month (the cost is covered 100% of my pension fund) as long as I will be covered by my health insurance fund, of course!

So, in January 2013, I heard about a center where they used another diagnostic method which is called “Biofeedback – bioresonance”,THAT LASTS ONLY FOR ONE HOUR AND A HALF, WITHOUT ANY INJECTIONS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF PAINFUL TESTS. When the diagnostic test was through, the therapist told me that the cause of all these health issues was due to a parasite called Lamblia, as well as to some other lesions in the gastrointestinal system and too many harmful bacteria in the intestine and the blood,too! “The most common symptoms,” he told me, ARE FEVER, ABDOMINAL PAIN,NAUSEA AND WEIGHT LOSS !!!! He asked me if I had drunk in the past, or I still drink, water from a natural water source and I answered, yes. The most possible thing to have happened, he told me, was that I got this «Lamblia» parasite from the water source and that was causing the damage for so many years!!! Later I found out that this parasite, «Lamblia», is also developed in poor quality, bottled water if the bottles are exposed in the sun for hours, until they finally reach their destination. IT WAS THE FIRST EXPLANATION I HAD EVER HEARD IN ALL THESE YEARS, ABOUT WHAT THE CAUSE OF MY DISEASE WAS. I was really impressed and knew that what he told me might be true. I bought the DeVita AP device in January 2013 (a small portable device slightly bigger than a mobile), and for two years I have been having my treatment in my house, while having a walk, or in my job! I was not sick again, did not enter into any Hospital, nor had any fever, and the cholesterol levels, which were always above 250-290, were decreased. Now It is less than 218!, My immune system was strengthened .. and my organism started recovering slowly.After 2 years of treatment with the DeVita Ap device all the parasites – heavy metals and more were removed from my body. So then, it was high time we found and dealt with the cause for gnashing the teeth during my sleep for many years,which is called bruxism and what causes this, are the parasites called roundworms.

I started this new treatment in October 2014. I did not expect that it would be so painful. My body discarded hanks of roundworms of 15-30 cm from the gut, and also aborted, as scary as it may sound, three roundworms 5 cm each, from the nose (unbelievable?). The bioresonance doctors informed me that the roundworms are parasites 2 mm thick and the length is from 5 to 20 cm, like earthworms are, and at the present they are globally spread. The eggs are taken by the humans through contaminated water and contaminated food, and can survive for years in moist soil and trenches on playgrounds.

The eggs form larvae in the intestine, which lead through the blood vessels in the lungs and from there, via the upper respiratory ducts and esophagus, are returned to the intestine, where they are transformed into roundworms, that parasite that put me in trouble for so many years. In a heavy infestation of roundworms unexplained bouts of coughing may occur. Depending on the power of the attack abdominal pains like colic, bloating and vomiting occur, during which the parasites can be expelled from the mouth, too. I am at right that treatment stage and think this was the cause of all the heavy diseases that had been torturing me for all these years. (My medical history is in a file) Also, all my personal details are stored in the Deta-elis company archive. I WISH MY TESTIMONY WOULD HELP OTHER PEOPLE TO FIND THEIR OWN WAY TO HEALING!

In an era, where human sensitivity shrinks because of the profit,it is hopeful to see people who are different. Their work has been, and still is exemplary, and their offering invaluable.
Let them keep it up like this!
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who helped me restore my health!!!

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