Manuela Arnold


I, Manuela Arnold, born on 19.10.1966, have watched a lecture by Deta Elis in January 2019 in Munich and found it very exciting, especially since I had already once come across the topic Bioresonance about 30 years ago through a physician in Thuringia.


In March 2019 I had myself tested by Alina and was surprised what came to light here. (My results at the family doctor are all so far top ….) Now I was told that I have worms, fungi (Candida), the herpes virus = even in the central nervous system + bacteria in the body.

Since March 2019 I carry the devices of Deta-Elis and was meanwhile already to 3 retests!

In April 2019 – in the first retest (4 weeks later) Alina took a picture and asked me if I was a different person??? My liver is completely renewed!!! (I probably had a tendency for fatty liver).

In the second retest, in May 2019, it was found that the worms are gone and also certain bacteria and here again the programs were adjusted according to the priorities of the body.

As a matter of fact I wanted to have my two myomas removed in June 2019, however, a new bacterium appeared, which had not yet been detected. Through the weeks of deep cleaning with the help of the devices, much has gone away and thus one could detect the “new” bacterium and now it is being treated.

A non-medical practitioner told me that myomas can only exist with bacteria; it is clear to me why my body first wants the bacteria gone and not the myomas.

Most of all, I am happy that the positive side effect is that I have NO ALLERGIES left. I had hay fever and was allergic to all pollen and grasses. THAT’S ALL GONE, THANKS TO DETA-ELIS!!!

One of the strongest arguments for the BIORESONANCE is that this therapy is a recognized procedure with the statutory health insurance companies and some therapies were even taken over by the health insurance companies! That speaks clearly for Deta-Elis!!!

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