From the very first moment of my acquaintance with the DETA ELIS company, I believed in the effectiveness of the portable bioresonance devices and felt honored to work with such a giant in the field of wellness and health, having original and monopoly products in my hands, that I will be able to forward all around the planet!

The smart MARKETING PLAN gave me the chance of a rapid personal and group development. I was just excited and as a result I was launched … !!!

I simply go on with joy and enthusiasm to expand my team in Greece and Cyprus, and support them at all times.

My aim is that the Greek people will get to know new health support features and have a quality of life, as well as they will be informed about the unique opportunity of financial independence that is offered by our company.

Always with love for the good results for all of us I do emphasize: "success for me and my team is here!" I am grateful to DETA ELIS for having changed my life!