My name is Elias and I’m an independant Distributor of the Deta Elis company for the last two years. What attracted and impressed me about the Deta Elis company when a friend introduced the idea to me, was the novelty and uniqueness of its products.

The bioresonance devices of the Elis Deta company have helped me and thousands of other people look better, be better and feel better. My personal vision is that every family across the world will get to know and experience the benefits of this unique technology in their lives.

I have worked with dozens of network marketing companies, but like the warm family (with the heart label) of the Deta Elis company,I have never seen one .

And due to the fact that I am a professional, except for the utility and efficacy of the products that I recommend, the marketing plan is very important to me, too, so I can declare with great confidence that the business plan of Deta Elis is, if not the best in the market, certainly one of the best, the most profitable and the less stressful business plan in the Network Marketing industry.