DeLixir Detox

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DeLixir Detox – Cleansing and detoxification.

Meet the new enriched smart cell nutrition supplement, which cleanses the body.

DeLixir Detox - is an elixir that gently but effectively cleanses the body of toxins.

Contains natural adsorbent - diatomite. In addition, the composition of the supplement includes ginger, noni fruit juice, aloe and MSM trace elements - useful for cell regeneration.

Poor ecology, drug abuse, infections, increased physical activity - all these lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Toxins degrade the performance of the organs, which causes constant fatigue and lethargy, which has a negative impact on the appearance and reduced immunity.

To eliminate toxins, a detoxification procedure must be performed regularly, which includes following a proper diet, using DeVita detoxification programs and using DeLixir Detox.

Plant juices and extracts allow complete detoxification and gently cleanse the body, filling it with energy and vitality.

DeLixir Detox strengthens and rejuvenates the body.

DeLixir Detox works best in combination with DeVita AP Base, cleanses the body of toxins, providing the best results from health programs.

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