DeLixir Utra Slim +

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DeLixir Ultra Slim+ – Harmony & Health

DeLixir Ultra Slim + is a beneficial smart cell nutrition supplement that enhances the fight against obesity.

Weight gain and obesity are due to several factors.

One of them is the inactivation of energy metabolism and the process of burning fat.

In any healthy organism, fatty acids are transported to intracellular breakdown with the ultimate goal of releasing energy.

Choline plays a key role in this whole process.

This nutrient prevents the accumulation of fat cells in the liver and is involved in metabolic processes of weight management.

Choline also plays a leading role in the production of L-carnitine, which activates fat burning.

DeLixir Ultra Slim + contains L-carnitine, an essential substance for the body, as well as ingredients that promote the acceleration of metabolism and the release of excess fluid such as: artichoke extract, green coffee, cayenne pepper extract.

Artichoke extract restores liver and gallbladder cells, ensuring proper food processing.

The active ingredients of artichoke protect liver cells from toxins, remove salts and slow down the aging process.

Green coffee contains ingredients that enhance fat burning.

Green coffee extract reduces the absorption of fat and glucose in the intestine, accelerates biochemical reactions, helping to maintain a shapely body.

Cayenne pepper improves metabolism and removes excess fluid.

By consuming cayenne pepper, people unconsciously eat more often, but less, a process that helps food to be better assimilated by the body.

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