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The “Deta Elis Holding” is a company that is concerned with the elaboration of technologies, which are based on the bioresonance method that corresponds to the principles of the wellness philosophy.The uniqueness of these personal DeVita series devices lies in the combination of safety, effectiveness and convenience in use.
The devices of DeVita series are carried forward from the base of the company in Germany and are distinguished for their outstanding quality and credibility.

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“The Creation of a sustainable and constantly growing business that suits everyone“

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Deta Elis World- Business Leaders

Agni Zaleska – Athanasiou

Administrator of Deta Elis Hellas – Ltd

Dear friends,
Welcome to the official website of DETA-ELIS in Greece!
The applications of the bioresonance phenomenon, although they exist more than half a century, were not widely known not only in our country, Greece, but also worldwide, until today. The time has come for this huge gap to be filled by a pioneering group of companies, that aims to contribute to health , beauty and financial freedom for everyone of us.
It has been a great honor for our country, Greece, but also for me personally, that the beginning of this new effort starts from this very country. An effort, that actually comes out of the geographical borders of one country, and has as a goal, to offer the know how and the assistance in the areas of wellness and beauty worldwide.
Our motto is: “With the know how of today, we can make our world better, tomorrow!”. And these are not just words. Studies, research, and most importantly, hundreds of thousands of people have already seen the effectiveness of our products over their entire range.
Therefore, I invite you all to start this trip together with us, so that we can finally give the opportunity to every person to improve not only their own life, but also the life of their beloved ones.


Deta Elis World- Business Leaders

Vasilis Paleologos

Marketing and Global Development Director 

The wellness industry is growing rapidly in Europe today. People are ready to spend money and time on preserving their health, youth and natural beauty. Thanks to their effective action, the unique DeVita technologies have already found their loyal users in Europe.
DETA-ELIS Holding is the right choice for those who want to start a profitable, international business because of two main reasons: a) high-tech monopoly products with no similar products available in the market and b) the happy coincidence that the company development is not directed from Europe to Greece and Cyprus, but vice versa from Greece and Cyprus to the rest of Europe.
All these, together with the benefits of the competitive marketing plan of the company, as well as the fact that the bioresonance technology is very well known in Europe, makes it easy for anyone to understand the huge perspective for those who wish to set up a global network business and create their own, personal network myth.


Deta Elis World- Business Leaders

Nectarios Bountouris

Promotion Manager

When I first entered the DETA ELIS company, I felt like home. I am really happy to help in every possible way, a huge number of people from all social classes and levels every day. Starting from doctors, therapists, lawyers, traders… and finally to the simple, everyday person.
As a fellow traveler in the grand vision of the company, I am always guided by the respect for the product and love for the people. The ultimate goal of the company is that in every house, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique advantages of this amazing technology…
I’m really excited to be able to participate in the vision of the global growth and the conveying of this innovative concept of DETA ELIS, along with the mission of healing and financial independence for each one of you.


Deta Elis World- Business Leaders

Alina Romashenko

DETA ELIS Medical Trainer

I am greatly honored to be responsible of organizing the training of the doctors and the certified therapists in Greece and Cyprus.
I feel really proud that I can convey the knowledge of the brightest scientists of Russia in the field of the bioresonance technology.
During the first year the company has already trained more than 100 doctors and certified therapists from a wide range of specialties, who are offered stable and permanent contact with their trainers, in order to exchange experience and aspects that will enable them to face difficult and complex cases successfully.
The spectacular results of health improvement in dozens of cases in Greece and Cyprus, amplify our belief that DETA ELIS technologies aim to an effective and integrated treatment.


Deta Elis World- Business Leaders

Anastasios Karantonis

Director & Technical consultant of Deta Elis Cyprus Ltd

It is a great honor for me to be one of the local executives of this multinational company! Throughout the perfect cooperation and with the common vision that connects us, I started the promotion and mainly in the support of the technology with the main purpose of its dissemination in every household and the information about its shocking and beneficial results.
Despite my 40 years of work experience and my technical background as an engineer, electrician, and health & safety specialist, I was enchanted immediately after my first contact with bioresonance technology. For this reason I did not hesitate to suggest and in the process undertake the local support and technical control, with the aim and purpose of the immediate service so that our fellow human beings are not deprived of the daily use of their devices, they are not interrupting their treatment cycle programs and / or the prevention and maintenance of their health and well-being…
At the same time I cooperate with the respective technical departments of Russia, Greece, Germany and Australia. Our ultimate goal is the immediate service of the users everywhere! I am proud to say that we are superior to any other company in terms of service, interpersonal relationships and we are not impersonal!
The founders of the company and each of us are accessible and always at your disposal!


Devita Energy 8

The New DeVita “Energy 8″ restores lost energy, strengthens the immune system and stimulates mental mood and health by cleansing the organism of psychotoxins It features new programs that target the 8 basic needs and values of a human: ENERGY – improved program, PROTECTION, HEALTH, HARMONY, RELATIONSHIP, SLIMNESS, ABUNDANCE, LONGEVITY – 5G

Many years of penetration research at the psycho-emotional level of humans led the scientific team of DEHolding to create DeVita “Energy 8″.The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it affects the protection of DNA from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from home appliances and from the 5G Internet network. In addition, it contributes to the psycho-emotional detoxification of humans, discharging from negative emotions and anything that weakens the energy fields of humans.

The new advanced device “Energy 8″:

• Relieves from psychotoxins
• It is an energy shield against negative people and situations
• Relieves from psycho-emotional stress
• Participates in the elimination of subconscious limitations
• Energizes and rejuvenates
• Mobilizes the body’s self-regulatory functions
• Regulates the detoxification functions of the organism
• Protects against geopathogenic loads and electromagnetic radiation
• Restarts the immune system

Recommended Retail Price: 522 €


DeVita Energy

The «DeVita Energy» is a revolutionary device, which in a short while restores your power, improves the function of all body systems, and finally provides the body with a strong dose of harmless energy. The device works like a safe charger, which fills you with life energy, creation and progress. The advantages of DeVita Energy:
• Restores and enhances your physical and corporal indicators
• Reduces the psycho-emotional stress
• Supplies with energy
• Activates the regulative body functions
• Protects from biopathogenic and geopathetic factors

Recommended Retail Price:  345 €


DeVita Ritm – 30

The «DeVita Ritm» wellness device is a unique invention, which improves your mood and relieves you from stress and the chronic fatigue syndrome. The device has 30 programs, which will help you and your people to be in a great mood. Advantages of the «DeVita Ritm» device:
• It contributes to the removal of toxins from the body, it also fights fatigue, anxiety, irritability, weakness and sleep disturbances.
• It improves the overall condition of the organism: has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, protects from vascular diseases and regulates the intestinal function.
• It is a useful device for studying: improves memory, concentration, the condition of the blood vessels, strengthens the immune system and eliminates eye’s fatigue.

Recommended Retail Price:  648 €


DeVita AP – 30

The «DeVita-AP» frequency device, which is a worldwide unique patent, is designed for maintaining a high health indicator for every individual. The device’s targeted action is against bacteria and parasites without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. The device has 30 programs, which will help you and your people to preserve wellness and be in a great mood. Advantages of «DeVita AP»:
• It effectively cleanses the body, helping not only to get rid of fungi, viruses and parasites, but also to keep the youth and improve your strength.
• It normalizes the function of the internal organs and systems, it improves the eye health and relieves from migraine and headaches.
• It helps strengthening the immune system, protects from seasonal colds and also prevents from allergies.
• it is harmless for children: the device is an excellent tool for the prevention of helminths and also treats viruses and bacteria effectively. It supports the muscle tone and also gives freshness and energy.

Recommended Retail Price:  648 €


Devita MINI Ap

A unique device which has no analogues in the world. Each person needs to maintain a high rate of health in the modern world. The device is used to relieve the stressful burden caused by the presence of parasitic forms in the human body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths. And also the presence of endo- and exo- toxins that block the work of the main excretory systems, which is one of the main causes of reducing the state of health. The device includes 14 basic complexes consisting of manual and automatic programs. Each user can create their own unique complexes (the whole device can hold up to 50) and has the ability to download new complexes and programs that will be created by the company’s specialists.

Recommended Retail Price:  696 €



The owners of DeVita serie wellness devices, can use both ready-set programs, and also create personalized programs by themselves, depending on their personal needs. Therefore, we have prepared a unique solution: the «DeInfo» programmer, which includes about 3000 programs and supports five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The “DeInfo” software is very simple to use and requires no special installation and setting. The clever software identifies itself the DeVita-connected device, displays the image and the type of the device on the screen , and gives access to the corresponding database. All you have to do is to connect the programmer «DeInfo» to the USB port and you will get started right away! Apart from this, the programmer is regularly updated and has the highest degree of protection about the information.

Recommended Retail Price:  300 €


DeVita Cosmo

With the unique, revolutionary DeVita Cosmo device, which is a combination of bioresonance therapy and quantum cosmetology, we are now able to approach and solve, in a fundamentally new way, all skin issues and external defects of every man and woman.
First, we perform the personal health check, by ,as we say,”reading” the map that tells us about the state of health of the organs from our face’s wrinkles. After that, we conduct a preventive regulation of the operation of the body organs that are disturbed, based on the map of the wrinkles on the face, while, at the same time, we are starting the cosmetology application on the face, with the quantum component of DeVita COSMO device.
The results of the cosmetology application combined with the regulation of the organs, are extremely impressive because through the photonic component we achieve lifting and reinforcement of the collagen and elastin tissues in the middle part of skin, into the dermis, at the cellular level. If the applications are repeated for at least three weeks, the result is permanent, so the client’s goal is achieved, maintaining health, beauty and youth for many years.
In conclusion, the DeVita Cosmo device is an amazing tool to effectively eliminate wrinkles, freckles, acne’s scars, moles and all skin’s imperfections.

Recommended Retail Price:  594 €



DePuls – the assessment of the body condition, using the heart rhythm.
Learn more, about the first screen of the interface in the DePuls+, Express-test.
The first screen of the Express- test DePuls shows the control registration elements and a display of the electrocardiogram, the changes in the current state of health and the vital signs of the organism.
The DePuls  Express-test, determines the state of the health of the body based on an analysis of the cardiac rhythm. The intensity, the frequency and the rhythmic pulse can tell a lot about your state of health. According to these indicators, you can determine the status of the major organ systems, and the level of psychological and emotional harmony of the patient.
On the first screen of the DePuls, you can see the level of adaptation, the autonomic regulation, the neurohumoural regulation, the mental and emotional state of the body and an integrated indicator of health – all of this can be seen in visual charts.

The following two types of devices are available:
1. DePuls +
Operating languages: English, French, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian and Arabic.

2. DePuls-R
Operating languages: Greek, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian and Arabic.


Devita BRT

Unique properties of the BRT device.

-The only portable device in the world of endogenous bioresonance therapy.

-With inversion, pathological oscillations are eliminated.
– Restores the normality in the mesenchyma (extracellular matrix, intracellular matrix, endonuclear matrix)
-Expires energy and balances the body, whose defense forces are strengthened.
– It limits the inflammation
– Affects the pathogenic microorganisms
-It is an excellent symptomatic treatment in the acute phase of diseases
-Calms the psychosomatic bursts and charges

Recommended Retail Price:  2340 €


Devita MINI Ritm

A unique wellness device that has no analogues in the world. It is necessary for every person to maintain a high level of health in the modern world. The device is used to contribute and protect against stress factors, maintain healthy homeostasis, improve efficiency, prevent premature aging.

Recommended Retail Price:  696 €


Devita MINI Ap

A unique device which has no analogues in the world. Each person needs to maintain a high rate of health in the modern world. The device is used to relieve the stressful burden caused by the presence of parasitic forms in the human body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths. And also the presence of endo- and exo- toxins that block the work of the main excretory systems, which is one of the main causes of reducing the state of health. The device includes 14 basic complexes consisting of manual and automatic programs. Each user can create their own unique complexes (the whole device can hold up to 50) and has the ability to download new complexes and programs that will be created by the company’s specialists.

Recommended Retail Price:  696 €

Devita Ritm – 30

Devita AP – 30

Devita Energy


DeVita Ap

DeVita BRT

How it works

The operating principle of DeVita devices is based on the action of low health frequencies, which are normal for the body. The spiritual and physical harmony is thus achieved, without any active external intervention. The portable DeVita devices are designed in order to maintain a high level of health and are intended to revitalize the body systems. The technology concerning the effect of frequencies on human body has started developing since the early 20th century. The studies in this area have been conducted for more than a period of 80 years. Worldwide known physicists have been working on perfecting this technology. In the latest generations of DeVita devices, the greatest inventions of Physics Science have been materialized that address to the preservation of health and wellness of the individual . These products are innovative,and there are not any other products similar to them worldwide. The foundations of DeVita technologies are the most important scientific achievements of pioneering scientists from Germany, America and Russia. Today, the DETA ELIS HOLDING company is the No1 company worldwide in the development and production of wellness devices based on bioresonance.

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mini ritm _new (002)


Dr Electra Babani

Obstetrician – gynaecologist, Specialised in Chinese medicine

Everything is energy.
According to the Natural Science, human organism is a triune electromagnetic entity, consisting of energy, matter and information. It is a cyber system in perfect unison with the space-information field of the universe. The human body is a complex energy system consisting of 4 subtle energy bodies, the 7 major energy centers (chakras) and the meridians through which the energy we receive from the environment (Zong, nutritional Yong, defensive WeiOi) flows, and spreads throancestral ughout the body. The Devita Energy device transmits electromagnetic frequencies in tune with the frequencies of the human body, and can help us restore health and balance of the biological energy cycle of our body on the physical, psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual level.



Dr Dinos Xydas

General Practitioner – Bioresonance Specialist

The pioneer bioresonance devices of Deta have revolutionised the ways of preventing and dealing with the health issues of today’s humanity. Bioenergy medicine will soon complement conventional pharmaceutical medicine in many aspects; as a result, it will be acknowledged as a great contribution to a healthier living. The portable bioresonance devices Devita Ap and Devita Ritm have opened new perspectives in offering solutions and battling against diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, prostate, herpes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, depression, asthma, chronic pains, allergies, to mention only a few. They are more than a dream come true. They are better than what I have imagined so far. They are proven to be a necessary tool in the hands of a free-thinking doctor and every person who desires to live a long and healthy life. Regarding the patients’ approach, conventional medicine will soon be as outdated, as the telegraph in the era of internet



Dr. George Georgiou

International expert in bioresonance therapy

Devita Ap – 30 

Bioresonance device has programs with specific frequencies that terminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and a great deal of parasites. All living organisms have their own frequency, or else their own individual self-frequency. If we synchronize exactly these frequencies or vibrations, the micro-organisms absorb this energy, their shell breaks and they die. This is precisely how DEVITA AP works: it produces the specific frequencies that make the micro-organisms vibrate till they die. This is in fact the tip of the spear, the medicine of the 21st century!

Devita Ritm – 30


The Devita RITM device corrects and restores the basic functions of the body, when this is exposed to low-energy electromagnetic vibrations, which frequencies range from 0,1 Hz to 100 Hz.
The device works silently and painlessly with more than 1650 different frequencies, based on the principle of harmonic frequencies, which gently restore the normal function of the organs and systems, while detoxifying at the same time.
These harmonic frequencies of DEVITA RITM device are perfectly harmonized with the normal frequencies of the body and are in no way, harmful.



Dr Giannis Anagnostopoulos

General Practitioner, homeopathic doctor, Bioresonance Instructor

Devita Ritm – 30

This is the most effective way to “tune in” the organs and systems of the body to their right and natural function. It starts where conventional methods stop. It is suitable for all ages and it offers the possibility to choose from a range of solutions to deal with health issues risk-free, directly and effectively.

Devita Ap – 30

We are talking about the ultimate “killer” of everything, without any exception, the microbial charge of the organism. The only way that we can get rid of viruses thoroughly. The only device that destroys the complexes of toxins found in the intercellular space .Absolutely effective in 100 % of every case ..

DeLixir series, the elixir for a life full of health!

This is an innovative series based on high quality ingredients and natural raw materials, aiming at enhancing people’s everyday lives. These pioneer formulas are being used for the detoxification, balancing, optimization of your energy, beauty, and restoration of all the physiological functions of the human body.


DeLixir Detox – purifying formula!

Please welcome DeLixir Detox— enriched elixir purifying the body.
DeLixir Detox – is a powerful elixir that softly purifies the body from toxins. It has a natural sorbent — Diatomaceous earth. Besides, the elixir includes ginger, noni juice, aloe vera and MSM — microelement useful for cells regeneration.
Bad environment, abuse of drugs, infections and increased physical activity — all of it leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Toxins have a negative influence on the internal organs performance, as well as on the appearance, causing constant fatigue and apathy and lowering the immunity. To lead the toxins out of your body, you’ll need to undergo the detoxification procedure regularly, which includes a special diet, application of drainage DeVita programs and DeLixir Detox.
Juices and extracts of detox-herbs provide the soft cleansing of the body, filling it with vital tone and energy. DeLixir Detox strengthens and recovers your organism in a complex way.
DeLixir Detox is perfectly combined with DeVita AP Base, cleansing the body from toxins and providing the best effect of the recovery programs.

Recommended Retail Price: 54€ 


DeLixir Multi-Energy – multi-vitamin energizer!

Please welcome Multi-Energy— an enriched elixir full of necessary vitamins and micro elements.
DeLixir Multi-Energy — is an elixir, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, filling you with pure plant energy. The ingredient formula includes more than 20 vitamins and minerals, 72 trace micro elements and amino acids.
Our body gets vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. But food, nowadays, contains very little of such necessary elements. That is why it is so important to fill the lack of vitamins with the help of functional food — such as DeLixir Multi-Energy. Its formula is full of all the essential vitamins and micro elements, including Vitamin D3, selenium and lutein. It also contains coenzyme Q10 – a powerful antioxidant, slowing down aging processes, improving cells supply with oxygen and strengthening the heart muscle.
DeLixir Multi-Energy is perfectly combined with DeVitaEnergy, providing optimal cells supply and harmonizing the whole body performance.

Recommended Retail Price: 54€ 


DeLixir pH-Balance – internal environment support

Functional drink providing healthy pH-Balance.
DeLixir pH-Balance is an elixir for preserving acid-alkaline balance of the body. It contains a unique alkalizing mix, spirulina and turmeric for the most efficient health improvement.
DeLixirpH balance is a revolutionary formula for maintaining healthy balance in the organism. The acid-alkaline balance in the internal environment of our body is vitally important.However, most food, we eat, makes the body environment more acidic. Themostpopularproductsonour table – meat and fish, cheese, sweets, white bread, different sauces- are of acidic nature. Thebodyacidifyingistheresultoffailuresandserious problems.
DeLixirpH-Balance has a special alkalizing formula, which softly returns healthy pH balance to the organism. Spirulina and turmeric normalize physiological dysfunctions of the body.
DeLixir pH-Balanceisperfectlycombinedwith DeVitaRitm Base, harmonizing the whole body performance and providing effective recovery.

Recommended Retail Price: 54€ 


DeLixir Collagen+. Elixir for your youth from the inside!

Please welcome new functional drink rejuvenating your organism.
DeLixirCollagen+ is high in collagen, which maintains youth on the inside and outside. Besides the collagen, its active ingredients are hyaluronic acid – natural moisturizer,pomegranate extract–natural antioxidant, Vit. B5 and B6, improving the state of the skin and hair, and amino acids.
Collagen is one of the structural proteins of the skin. It is a kind of frame that creates a support base for the skin and preserves its elasticity. Besides, collagen is good for joints and vertebral spine, as it retains their flexibility and elasticity. The amount of collagen in body decreases with age, and the skin becomes flaccid and the joints become fragile.The use of DeLixir Collagen+ will help stabilize the loss of collagen and renew youth.
DeLixir Collagen+ is best to use with a cosmetological device DeVita Cosmo. In a complex they preserve your youth on the inside and outside.

Recommended Retail Price: 54€ 



DeLixir Ultra Slim + is a beneficial drink that enhances the fight against obesity. Weight gain and obesity are due to a number of factors. One of these is the inactivation of energy metabolism and the burning process of fat. In every healthy body the fatty acids are transported to intracellular cleavage with the ultimate goal of releasing energy. Throughout this process, choline plays a key role. This nutrient prevents accumulation of adipocytes in the liver and participates in the metabolic processes of weight management. Choline also plays a role in the production of L-carnitine, which activates the burning of fat.

DeLixir Ultra Slim + contains L-carnitine, a necessary substance for the body, as well as ingredients that promote the acceleration of metabolism and the release of excess amount of fluids such as: artichoke extract, green coffee, cayenne pepper extract.

Artichoke extract restores liver and gallbladder cells, ensuring proper food processing. Artificial substances of artichoke protect the liver cells from toxins, remove salts and slow down the aging process.
Green coffee contains ingredients that enhance fat burning. The green coffee extract reduces the absorption of fat and glucose in the intestine, speeds up biochemical reactions, helping to maintain a body shape. Cayenne pepper improves metabolism and removes excess fluid. Consuming cayenne pepper, people unconsciously eat more often, but less, a process that helps the food to be assimilated more properly by the body.

Recommended Retail Price: 54€ 




De Vita Cosmo

Delixir Video

How it works



Smaro Athanasiadou 

Gold Master

With the unique, revolutionary electromagnetic and quantum cosmetology of the DEVITA COSMO device in my hands, I approach and solve, in a radically new way, all the skin problems and everything that has to do with the appearance of every person.
First of all, I check out the state of health of a person by “reading” the map of the condition of the organs in the body, from the wrinkles that are formed on the face.
After that, I carry out a preventive regulation of the body organs that show disturbance (based on the map of the wrinkles shown on the face ) and at the same time I start a cosmetic application on the face with the photonic component of the DEVITA COSMO device, the quantum.
The results of the cosmetic application in combination with the setting of the body organs are very impressive, because through the photonic component we can achieve rectification and strengthening of the collagen and the elastin tissues in the middle part of the skin, the dermis, at the cellular level.
When we repeat the applications for a long time, the result is permanent and thus, we attain the goal of the client, that is the maintenance of health, beauty and youth for many years.
In conclusion, the DEVITA COSMO device is a fantastic work tool in our hands, that helps us to effectively eliminate wrinkles, freckles, scars of acne, moles and in general, all skin imperfections.


Success Stories – Tatyana Karpova

Tatiana Karpova

Platinum Master, Crete – Greece

I have always wanted to have a job that not only would I earn some good money out of it, but also I would be delighted in it. When I came across the Deta-Elis Holding company with the twenty one years of success behind it and I also saw that this success is proven by scientific researches and medical reports from a lot of different countries, combined with the profound testimonies of grateful customers, I decided to become a Deta-Elis Holding company partner.
Topical, secure and benefit – These were and they still remain the three essential parameters that made me consider the method of bioresonance as a good business and cooperate with Deta-Elis Holding.
The company is developing. It has a great future because it gives each person the opportunity to acquire physical and financial health. My life has been changed radically. For the last three years, that I have been a Deta-Elis Holding partner, I have the opportunity to being get paid from three sources of income, thanks to the unique business plan.
I intend , by using the unique, innovative wellness product, to build an international business and contribute in such a way, so that every family on the planet will have have the DeVita devices.
I am proud that, together with the company and a large group of partners throughout the world, we create a society of healthy and successful people.
Now I know that I do something that is worthy. I help people to gain health, wellness and build their lives as they wish.


Success Stories

Anastasios Karantonis

Platinum Master – Limassol, Cyprus

The Deta-Elis company – a human company, most of all – covers a wide range in the field of wellness with its unique devices and products. This company, at least for me, is providing us with the most fair and democratic business plan by far, and gives us the opportunity to create an international business network in order to expand and have a sustainable development around the world!
I think this is an open door, not only for us but for everyone that provides us with all the advancement mechanisms, for individual up to international careers with financial extensions. In practice, the company is constantly beside us with trainings, special offers, with visitations of the founders etc. It is an extension of our family. Therefore in return, we host weekly presentations and trainings about the technology of Deta-Elis in our place, as well as an electronic laboratory for local service and technical control of the devices . The mission and our vision is to spread this technology and diffuse it to every society level and the ultimate aim is to really help our fellow men to maintaining health and achieving prosperity and well-being!
Our motto is “Good news should be shared !!!”


Success Stories

Evangelos Gaidartzis

Vip Sapphire Master – Thessaloniki, Greece

I have been in the MLM business for 20 years. Two years ago, I was informed about the Deta-Elis devices.I must admit that at first I was quite hesitant. I bought one Deta-Ap device and gave it to a friend of mine that had serious health problems. As the days and the weeks went by, my friend had a continuous improvement of her situation.
So I decided to talk to other friends of mine. Very quickly we noticed similar results. This made me think the business part of the company.
Today , being absolutely convinced of the effectiveness of the bioresonance Deta-Elis devices, I can strongly recommend them to everyone, for good health and wellness.
I’ve also built a significant business partner network which provides me with a steadily growing income. Now I am helping my partners to achieve their own goals.
These amazing Deta-Elis devices combined with the unique marketing plan create unlimited opportunities for business development. It is an incredible business opportunity, as the expansion of the company throughout the world starts now and moreover from Greece.Good luck to all those who are going to decide to “seize” this lifetime opportunity .


Success Stories – Vassilis Christou

Vassilis Christou

VIP Sapphire Master – Thessaloniki, Greece

From the very first moment of my acquaintance with the DETA ELIS company, I believed in the effectiveness of the portable bioresonance devices and felt honored to work with such a giant in the field of wellness and health, having original and monopoly products in my hands, that I will be able to forward all around the planet!
The smart MARKETING PLAN gave me the chance of a rapid personal and group development. I was just excited and as a result I was launched … !!!
I simply go on with joy and enthusiasm to expand my team in Greece and Cyprus, and support them at all times.
My aim is that the Greek people will get to know new health support features and have a quality of life, as well as they will be informed about the unique opportunity of financial independence that is offered by our company.
Always with love for the good results for all of us I do emphasize: “success for me and my team is here!”
I am grateful to DETA ELIS for having changed my life!



Success Stories – Christoforos Fekkas

Fekkas Christoforos

VIP Ruby Master-No1 leader in Greece and Cyprus – Nicosia, Cyprus


When I was informed about the amazing bioresonance products of DETA ELIS and the efficient marketing plan of the company, I had the feeling that these technologies are the future of MLM.
Immediately, I was registered as a partner and took my position in the global web tree, being confident that success is more than sure. These devices that improve the state of health, good mood and a quality of life, had a tremendous response from the general public in Cyprus immediately.
Success kept coming one after the other rapidly. The results upon the physical and economic welfare of my family and my friends surprise me even today.
My goal for next year is to achieve the highest career title of the marketing plan and become the first VIP DIAMOND MASTER in Europe.


Success Stories – Erodotos Nikiforou

Erodotos Nikiforou

 Platinum Master – Ammohostos, Cyprus

When I first came in touch with the DETA ELIS company a year ago and realized that I had a perfectly good company before me, I became active immediately.
Now my health and well-being, and that of my family’s, is in good hands. We have already overcome several health issues, like simple colds, fatigue, stress up to chronic diseases.
Facing and solving all these issues with the bioresonance devices, is the best thing ever happened to us. I’ve also created a serious income without the need of big investments.
From my first contact with the people of DETA ELIS I realized that this would be a lifetime relationship. A comfortable, harmonious, full of health, life. I am now confident that a bright future lies ahead of me.



Success Stories – Elias Gratsias

Elias Gratsias

 VIP Ruby Master- Athens, Greece

My name is Elias and I’m an independant Distributor of the Deta Elis company for the last two years. What attracted and impressed me about the Deta Elis company when a friend introduced the idea to me, was the novelty and uniqueness of its products.
The bioresonance devices of the Elis Deta company have helped me and thousands of other people look better, be better and feel better.
My personal vision is that every family across the world will get to know and experience the benefits of this unique technology in their lives.
I have worked with dozens of network marketing companies, but like the warm family (with the heart label) of the Deta Elis company,I have never seen one . And due to the fact that I am a professional, except for the utility and efficacy of the products that I recommend, the marketing plan is very important to me, too, so I can declare with great confidence that the business plan of Deta Elis is, if not the best in the market, certainly one of the best, the most profitable and the less stressful business plan in the Network Marketing industry.


Success Stories

Savvas and Annie Mouzaki

Gold Master

After attending a training seminar on the technology of bioresonance,we had no doubt that we were in front of one of the greatest inventions that would change the way that modern medicine treats diseases.
The portable DETA ELIS devices are the verge of this technology that will generously offer Health and Well-being to millions of people in the coming years.
All the members of our family use the DETA ELIS devices every day and we highly recommend it to all our friends to invest a very small amount of money in order to maintain the Health of their family. The combination of the DETA ELIS devices, the Healthy nutrition and the alternative therapies is the only safe and natural choice for everybody , to secure our supreme good, which is HEALTH.
If your goal is to help as many people as possible getting their health back and achieving their goals, then DETA ELIS is the leading network marketing company , that can offer you the chance to succeed.


Success Stories – Rania Ramadan & Dimitris Sevastakis

Dimitrios Sevastakis & Rania Ramadan

Gold Master

“It is not a secret that everything in this world is paradoxically given to us, but the requested health is the existence of life and magic.”
Looking back, I remember how, at our first steps, as independent partners, Deta Elis gave the enthusiasm, training, information and materials that we received from the Platinum Master, Mrs. Smaro Athanasiadou. In addition, the company was an ally in our vision, took and actively participated in the implementation of our ambitious business plan with training, attending seminars and many personal meetings.
Our personal and professional development is inextricably linked and interdependent.
2016 was the year that marked an important step in our business, thanks to which our dream has come true – the opening of our Cairo office in Egypt under the brand name Deta Elis Egypt.
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Testimonials – Agnieszka Zaleska – Paleologou

The first official steps of development in Poland!
Dear partners,
Even if Poland is my birthplace, I never imagined that Deta Elis Holding’s technologies would be incorporated into the lives of its inhabitants! Every day, however, DEHolding proves that it can and does break any boundaries we may have in mind and what no one expected became a reality. Poland took its first spectacular development steps in the global family of our company.
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Testimonials – Sofia Michailidou

Something was going wrong with my period for two months and I was bleeding. I went to a gynecologist and found out that I had a polyp. He gave me a hormone therapy for 10 days, but after three days I stopped because these pills were driving me crazy….Read More


Testimonials – Elias Gratsias

Dear readers of this DEHolding Life issue, I salute you. I was asked to describe the wonderful events that I have been living over the last two years with my team in Australia. To write about the growth that is constantly multiplying in this very distant from my own continent, but with the new online communication tools (Skype, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) have brought her too close to us…Read More


Testimonials – Konstantinos Litsos

Dear partners,

Since the last issue of the DEHolding Life Magazine, Deta Elis Germany has once again experienced a period of restructuring and rebuilding, but this time oriented at success.
The ever-evolving course of Germany, marks the beginning of a highly creative period, which puts in priority the technological evolution of the innovative DeVita Mini series devices as well as the therapeutic and diagnostic devices of the DEHolding Company.

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Testimonials – Tzema I.

Tzema I.

My name is Tzema and I work in a restaurant and this thing takes my energy and a lot of power away, daily. This situation led me to a chronic fatigue and as a result to this, I was feeling like I didn’t want to do anything at all, I was always tired and unhappy and had frequent insomnia and resentment.
In August 2014 I had the great chance get to know the method of bioresonance and buy two portable bioresonance devices by the Deta Elis company. An antiparasitic device which is called DeVita Ap and a regulating device, DeVita Ritm….Read More


Testimonials – Ioanna Vafiadou

In 2008 I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis all over my body by a dermatologist and was treated with immunosuppressive pills (methotrexate) for six months and the symptoms were partly disappeared….Read More


Testimonials – Manuela Arnold

I, Manuela Arnold, born on 19.10.1966, have watched a lecture by Deta Elis in January 2019 in Munich and found it very exciting, especially since I had already once come across the topic Bioresonance about 30 years ago through a physician in Thuringia.In March 2019 I had myself tested by Alina and was surprised what came to light here. (My results at the family doctor are all so far top ….) Now I was told that I have worms, fungi (Candida), the herpes virus = even in the central nervous system + bacteria in the body.
Since March 2019 I carry the devices of Deta-Elis and was meanwhile already to 3 retests! 
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Testimonials – Konstantinos Alpogiannis

My name is Konstantinos Alpogiannis, I am a retired military veteran and together with my wife Agapi, and our two children Vasilis and Panagiotis, 8 years old, are living in Alexandroupolis.
We met with bioresonance at a Deta Elis Holding event in Alexandroupolis, where we were invited to attend by our friend.
From that day on, we began a wonderful journey of knowledge, experience, and results in our family’s health, wellness, beauty and well-being!
Below I will summarize three examples of the dozens results we, our friends and relatives have experienced using the technology of mobile bioresonance devices and nutritional supplements that Deta Elis Holding has in its product range….Read More


Testimonials – Vasileios Palaiologou

Dear partners,
There is no doubt that the Golden Age of DEHolding has already begun its dynamic development. The growing demand for alternative and additional treatments reflects the desire of the general public to completely take control of their own health….

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Testimonials – Dimitris Sevastakis & Rania Ramadan

“It is not a secret that everything in this world is paradoxically given to us, but the requested health is the existence of life and magic.”
Looking back, I remember how, at our first steps, as independent partners, Deta Elis gave the enthusiasm, training, information and materials that we received from the Platinum Master, Mrs. Smaro Athanasiadou. In addition, the company was an ally in our vision, took and actively participated in the implementation of our ambitious business plan with training, attending seminars and many personal meetings…

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Testimonials – Doctor Iveta Palena & Doctor Ingemar Palens

I work as a specialist in scenar-therapy in Latvia and Estonia. As years went by, practicing scenar-therapy, I understood more clearly that I could briefly relieve the symptoms of the disease, but there wasn’t a real and effective result, because I could not find the true cause that caused the disease. That made me really disturbed and upset….Read More


Testimonials – Heckendorf Fritz

Right from the first night, I slept much better, only once awake, previously at least 3 times.
Early in the morning much fresher, thigh pains are minor. On the first day I felt a slight tingling sensation in my body (imagination?)
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Testimonials – Ioannis Anagnostopoulos

Dear partners,
The growing interest in DeVita technologies slowly but steadily prompted us to make our first long trip to Australia. So in June 2018, the innovative technologies of DEHolding, were introduced for the first time to the Australian continent….
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Testimonials – Sabine Patricia and Laskarina

In the summer of 2016, I started, all alone in Vienna, to test my friends and acquaintances with the small test device DeRofes and to inform them about the technology. My first serious case was a 1.5 year old girl who suffered epileptic seizures, up to 3 times a day. Conventional medicine offered neither help nor answers to the parents’ questions.
I am aware thereof, that vaccines and the heavy metals contained therein can paralyze the central nervous system of so small children. I was able to contact Alina and she gave me the right programs to run. It was a great success and the parents were overjoyed. The second child of this family was not vaccinated and the mother has a separate set of equipment for each family member. She simply treats everything with the programs, all child diseases, infections, even her husband’s snoring…..

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Testimonials – Prof. George J Georgiou

As a Bioresonance lecturer and researcher I often hear wonderful stories from my students who are using the DETA ELIS technologies with their patients and are seeing astounding results.
Here is an example of one of my students working in S. Arabia with clients – here is her verbatim report:
Another fabulous story I have one of the daughters has cerebral palsy and I have been treating her for hearing loss as you most probably know that these patients often lose their hearing at birth. After the 1st 15 treatments of a combination of quantum light therapy and Complex therapy on the DEVITA PROFESSIONAL, there was an improvement up to 40 decibels at some frequencies. I treated her a further 15 times and now she doesn’t need to wear a hearing aid anymore. I wanted to share this with you as I think it’s so amazing. I didn’t think it would work for a patient with this sort of condition honestly, but bioresonance is truly amazing!

It’s time to become and you partner Deta Elis Holding

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