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Dear readers of this DEHolding Life issue, I salute you. I was asked to describe the wonderful events that I have been living over the last two years with my team in Australia. To write about the growth that is constantly multiplying in this very distant from my own continent, but with the new online communication tools (Skype, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) have brought her too close to us.

Before I start writing about how it all started in Australia, I’ll start by sharing with you my important testimony here. Everything is possible with DeHolding. I am an independent partner of the company for the last 6 years and I feel very fortunate to be a member of this wonderful family and I, along with thousands of others, share the company’s worldwide vision to improve the health and well-being of millions of people through its miraculous technology.

I’ve met and continue to meet wonderful people, unique, inspirational people, I have made new friends from all over the world, and I feel very grateful to our company and to God for that!

But let’s dive into the subject I was asked to write a few words about, because there are so many stories that I can share with you drawn from these 6 years of working with the company, that would fill so many pages and not two pages as I was asked.

Two years ago, an associate of our team in Orestiada, who had registered a year ago, without having almost anything done until then, talked about our technology to a friend who had recently moved to Australia.

He was not particularly interested, but helped her get into contact using Skype with a friend who lived in Melbourne. Dear friends, in our business the most important and beautiful thing is to find the right people. Find those who are looking for you. And you never know where these fabulous and magic people are “hiding”! To whom are they acquainted…to a friend…boyfriend….girlfriend etc.? But once you find them, then everything begins to be more and more interesting and creative in your business and they flow like crystal clear water.

So this woman from Australia from the beginning had shown that she was very interested in our technology and was excited about it. After many appointments with them, during which she asked and wanted to know about everything, she decided after two months to start and buy some devices to try them out for herself and her family.

Let me open a small parenthesis at this point, that our success requires patience and vision, dear partners and associates. Don’t be impatient. The big achievements take time. Keep doing what you have to do daily and the right people will appear on your path. This is what experience has taught me so far. Give your whole self to what you do (not half of yourself) generously, gladly and enthusiastically and all the good in the world will be returned to you.

So by closing the parenthesis, within the first month they started having the first results from our technology as a family. She stopped catching colds so often. She got sick very often before using our technology. Her daughter eliminated acne which had plagued her for years with only six sessions with the unique DeVita Cosmo device. Her ex-husband managed to get rid of the chronic pain in his back and these who started using our devices began to have many other personal experiences.

As soon as they saw these first immediate results, they began to believe so much more in our products. What our company suggests started happening spontaneously: “Test-Tell-Sell”. This is the process. So simple. You just have to do it every day, simply and without being disappointed when you meet people who aren’t interested in your message. Go on to the next one. Remember…you are looking for those who are looking for you. And as soon as you find those who are looking for you, you will understand their interest and excitement immediately. And this excitement you must multiply with your own excitement!

In Greek the word enthusiasm means “God is in you”. This is what is happening now in Australia. A small group of very excited people share with excitement the results of our technology with other people, who got equally excited with the results of our one of a kind technology and with the vision to help as many people as possible to gain good health and financial freedom.

So mouth to mouth, man to man, heart to heart is created and continues to be created and grow day by day in Australia a group of excited and stargazed therapists and partners who are passionate about health and mutual aid, whose vision is to spread our technology worldwide exceeds the sky limit. What a pleasure to work with such inspired people! How much power you give and you get!

In this expansion of course very important role played the doctors of our company, who with their prestige, their knowledge and their science are important carriers of our technology and have supported excessively the effort that is being made there.

So without anyone from us expecting it, we are currently living our dream with our team. More and more people in Australia are starting to use our devices, to perform bioresonance tests and gain positive experiences from our technology, like the son of a therapist who was heavily poisoned by chemicals at work, and after the first week of using our devices the dizziness and fatigue that plagued him for months were gone. One lady who suffered for years from insomnia finally managed to sleep again and she was so impressed because she had tried everything for years and nothing had made a difference. A Greek priest in a very short time regulated his blood sugar to normal levels. Something he hadn’t managed to do with any other method. And dozens more success stories that are multiplying daily and will soon turn into hundreds, thousands, millions.

Growth in Australia has now taken its course. New doctors and therapists are constantly being trained in our technology and becoming partners, new patients improve their health every day, new people embrace and follow the concept of healthy attitude towards life and healthy longevity that our company stands for. New partners come daily to join us and become a member of our worldwide family and to contribute to the project and vision of our company.

And I, among all of them, feel very fortunate, grateful and blessed that I have met all these people and that we are all striving for a better today and for a better tomorrow for us and for the whole world that joins us!

Gratsias Elias

VIP Ruby Master of Deta Elis Holding

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