The international group of Deta Elis Holding, a pioneer in the bioresonance field in Russia, in the beginning of 2014 decided to make a innovation once again:
It cut the ribbon of entering in the western world, starting with our beloved Greece and Cyprus. This movement highlights impressively the great opportunity that has been given to the Greek network to lead and determine the development throughout the Western world, an unprecedented fact in the network marketing history.

The honor of the administration of this colossal project was given to Dr Agnes Zaleska – Doctor of Moscow University with an extensive experience in the management of network marketing companies – and Vassilis Palaiologou, graduate of business administration and marketing from Columbia University and with credentials as one of the top network marketers in Europe.
From the first days of the opening, the subsidiary of DETA ELIS HOLDING in Greece and Cyprus, took over the responsibility to create and apply the European standards in policy and development strategy of the group worldwide.

Training seminars on bioresonance technology were given to doctors and certified therapists by experienced Russians instructors, the corporate policy was formed in accordance with the European legislation and a series of tools and institutions was created for the independent partners of the company, which aims at the optimum, efficient and scientifically appropriate promotion of the company’s devices.


DETA ELIS HELLAS states that we are proud of the ideal development conditions that are offered to our freelance partners by supporting them in various ways:
Scientific support from physicians, certified therapists and nutritionists, through specialized seminars in the fields of bioresonance and proper nutrition, standard, weekly seminars about the company and the marketing plan that is next in Athens, Salonika and Cyprus, as well as multilingual webinars are given to support the networks abroad.


The standard collaboration with specialized cosmetologists brings out an additional goal of the company except that of wellness, which is beauty, and the combination of these both (wellness and beauty) is a golden guarantee of success.
Our team is always available to help you effectively in taking your first steps and share the knowledge and experience with those who will become members of our big family.

At your service daily:
Nectarios Bountouris – Customer Service Administrator -, Alice Zielinska – Orders service, Kelly Papadopoulou – responsible for promoting the marketing plan and the DELOR products – Alina Romasenko responsible for scientific training .


We wait for you in our head office every day, 292, Mesogeion Av. Holargos (near Nomismatokopeio metro stop) with seminars, events, complete personal and group updating and a big smile…

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