Agnieszka Zaleska – Paleologou


The first official steps of development in Poland!

Dear partners,

Even if Poland is my birthplace, I never imagined that Deta Elis Holding’s technologies would be incorporated into the lives of its inhabitants! Every day, however, DEHolding proves that it can and does break any boundaries we may have in mind and what no one expected became a reality. Poland took its first spectacular development steps in the global family of our company.

Initially, a very promising man, scientist, and networker, just as Mr. Adam Anczykowski proved himself to be, a researcher on modern alternative therapies, was introduced to our innovative technologies at the beginning of spring 2019. His unabashed enthusiasm for our bioresonance applications was tremendously elevated at our first meetings, via Skype, and of course Mr. Adam didn’t waste a single minute purchasing our entire range of products, from DeLixir unique smart cell nutrition supplements, to innovative portable bioresonance devices from the DeVita series for home treatment, up to the most specialized DeVita Professional diagnostic device.

After investing in our products, he began to study by himself the capabilities of both portable devices and DeVita Professional diagnostic device. At the same time, he showed great interest in the DeLixir range of smart cell nutrition supplements, and he immediately made them a part of his daily diet. We were surprised that Mr. Adam needed no encouragement and personal support to start promoting the products, but as a bright star he shone on his own and he immediately started promoting his new discovery among acquaintances and friends.

Mr. Adam’s fantastic results came to light just after nearly six months, as in October of that year the first medical training on the use and applications of the DeVita Professional device was organized and held for the first time in the Polish capital, Warsaw. The medical training was done by no other than Dr. Anagnostopoulos Ioannis, Phd, General Practitioner-Homeopath-Physiopath, Doctor of the University of America, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Medical Advisor of the DETA ELIS HOLDING company.

At that particular medical training, Mr. Adam broke the record of the number of participants. Our surprise was incredible as 27 people attended this specialized medical training, including health professionals from Italy, Germany and Sweden. The impact on our whole scope of action has been so great that presentations were organized and held on the model of action and the marketing plan of our company, by the Director of Global Development and Training, Mr. Vasilis Paleologou.

From that day on, a large number of participants became interested in our company and started their own network sales at DEHolding, creating a turnover that exceeded our expectations, given the short period in which it took place. And now we are very pleased to have in our team, a prominent personality, to whom we owe our unparalleled co-operation and at the same time we are planning our next trip to Poland in the early 2020, where a new round of medical educational training will take place.

So, my dear partners, we can all see that Deta Elis Holding’s course is not and will never be stagnant. It’s just waiting for the right people to set it in the right direction.


Agnieszka Zaleska – Paleologou

General Director of Deta Elis Greece,

Head of European Development and Promotion.

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