Ioanna Vafiadou


In 2008 I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis all over my body by a dermatologist and was treated with immunosuppressive pills (methotrexate) for six months and the symptoms were partly disappeared.

But soon after ceasing this treatment the symptoms reappeared, from the hip to the ankle, hands and back and then the doctors granted me with cyclosporin, and this treatment I followed for three months. The result of taking this drug was the increase of the serum creatinine and urea in my body so I was forced to interrupt, plus the fact that there wasn’t any positive change in my skin.
I was then given a different treatment with ebrel injections for three months, but this caused the increase of the creatinine and poisoned my body, so this led me to a diabetic coma, because I also suffer from Type 1 diabetes for 25 years.

I didn’t have any real change on my skin by using the injections. I interrupted the treatment and right after that, I heard of the bioresonance method. I had the bioresonance diagnostic test and the therapist informed me that my issue was not plaque psoriasis, actually but a wet and dry form of eczema. I started the bioresonance treatment by using the Deta Ritm device and after one and a half month of this treatment, the skin of my hands is perfectly well and a small area around my feet is left, which is getting healed day by day.

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