Konstantinos Litsos


Dear partners,


Since the last issue of the DEHolding Life Magazine, Deta Elis Germany has once again experienced a period of restructuring and rebuilding, but this time oriented at success.


The ever-evolving course of Germany, marks the beginning of a highly creative period, which puts in priority the technological evolution of the innovative DeVita Mini series devices as well as the therapeutic and diagnostic devices of the DEHolding Company.


Of course, the evolution of the company’s business plan, and the ever-expanding range of DeLixir smart cell nutrition supplements have to be mentioned. DeLixir are a series of innovative, supplements in liquid form that help to enhance the demanding daily lives of people by providing multiple benefits to the organism.


Development wise, I must confess that since 2018, Germany, and therefore the German partner networks, have experienced growth determined from 200 to 400%. During this time, many partners gained new titles, the company gained a tremendous amount of new associates, and special attention was given to the proper training of the already existing partners and health professionals in order to be the future of that country. Every month we organize health and technology updates in our offices and in various locations throughout Germany. We also organize special development meetings with partners who stand out and want to enrich their knowledge at all levels.


The heart of Deta Elis Germany development, in the new era, is beating in the regions of Bayern and North Rhine-Westphalia! While Austria and its dynamic networks are undergoing steady growth, Switzerland’s huge prospect of promotion has appeared on the horizon.


Of course, I could not miss the valuable development guides in all the German-speaking countries, which are a valuable part of the Deta Elis Holding family. So I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Mrs. Manuela Arhold, Mrs. Iris Kamp, Mrs. Patricia Hofmeister, Mrs. Sabine Selinger, Mrs. Elena Barandun for their remarkable contribution in developing the ever evolving phenomenon that the DEHolding company proved itself to be.


Remember, dear business partners, that Central Europe is a huge market with incredible consumer potential that is able to deliver amazing results. The best possible results are waiting for us in the year 2020.


Deta Elis Germany – The global dynamic development inspires us to be more innovative and technologically advanced for a prosperous future in people’s lives.



Litsos Konstantinos

General Director of the Deta Elis Germany.

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