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My name is Catherine and I am the mother of a 15 year old girl. My little girl, 4 years ago, suddenly began to show blood in the stool. I talked to the pediatrician and told us, that it was very likely to have some kind of hemorrhoid. He told me to watch her for 2-3 days. The days went by, but nothing happened. The situation was the same, but this time there was pain in the colon. Our next move was to go to the Children’s hospital to find out what was wrong with my girl. The doctors examined the child but found no hemorrhoid. But they didn’t know what the problem was. The child was put into the hospital. We stayed there for a week. She had all kinds of medical examinations,there wasn’t any result and finally the kid got out ,without knowing what was wrong.
The doctors suggested that the kid should have a colonoscopy. So we immediately had an appointment at a doctor’s office for the very next day. The doctor said that the most probable diagnosis was “ulcerative colitis”. “It is alright, doctor,” I replied, because I did not know what kind of illness was that …. “Would you please tell me what kind of medicine would you suggest that the child should take so as to get healed? “. Until then, you see, I thought that when you get sick, you just take a drug and you get healed miraculously. ” Mrs Catherine,” my doctor replied, “your child has a chronic autoimmune disease which will go on forever and needs medical and drug treatment by a gastroenterologist. You have to find a specialist doctor that works in a hospital, because the child may need an intravenous therapy when things get worse. ”

The earth opened and swallowed me ! As if I lost the ground under my feet. What does “autoimmune” mean? That my child will be sick forever? Indeed, we found a doctor at the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sofia”. There was an endoscopic machine there. The child began to be monitored by the doctor and every day she used to take a handful of drugs. But blood and diarrhea were still there. They wouldn’t go away. They are lurking. We went back to hospital and stayed in for another 15 days. As we had been told by the other doctor, taking medicines by mouth was not enough .She had to get intravenous therapy. Finally, the doctors changed the medical treatment and gave us some other pills. However, the child was getting weaker day by day. She didn’t have the stamina to do anything. After one month, in the summertime (in July) she got sick from viral pneumonia. Her organism was already weakened . She went to the hospital for another 10 days. But … what about the antibiotics? The antibiotics in these bowel diseases are prohibited. Trying to fix pneumonia in this case,at the time, but what about the intestinal?To most of us the antibiotics cause diarrhea immediately. What was going to happen now that her organism was weakened, but we were in remission of the disease? The doctors tried their best not to give her any heavy intravenous antibiotics. We finally got out of the hospital and after a few days we were about to leave on vacation.

The child began to lose pounds. I watched her collapsing day by day. The gastroenterologist who was informed, told us to have some blood tests to check out the iron and ferritin before we were off on holidays . The results were so low, that we were immediately called by the doctor to the Children’s hospital,so that the kid should have some intravenous iron. No way she would take any more pills. How many pills could the liver of a 10 year old child metabolize? We finally left on holidays. We spent 20 days there

but the kid didn’t feel like doing anything at all. She didn’t feel like going swimming or hanging out with the other kids. Suddenly,she began having terrible pains in the abdomen. Major diarrhea again. That very day we were leaving the island, too. The child was in pain,crying for the whole trip. When we went off the boat , where did we go, first thing? The Children’s Hospital , of course. This was our biggest elation. No matter what the treatment was, even intravenous drugs, neither the blood, nor diarrhea would stop. She finally got cortisone. The doctors started giving her cortisone intravenously ,stopped it for three days and then she had blood again and here we go again! . Finally, she stayed at the hospital for one month and had to take cortisone for 1 year after that!

I was so disappointed! Let alone the child, that realized she could have a normal life. We had learned to speak like that and I was telling her, that this condition is her best friend. “Mrs ulcerative colitis” is your best friend, I would tell her. You will take care of her and she will take her of you. But deep inside of me I would think, “ This can’t be happening!” What does autoimmune disease mean? Why can’t it be cured? Eventually, a friend came to visit us last summer (2013) whom I had not seen for a long time and he told me about the method of bioresonance treatment and the portable bioresonance devices of the Deta Elis company. I did not care how much it would cost me, as long as my child would be healed. We had an appointment with a certified doctor of the company and had a diagnostic test with the medical device of the company. The intestinal of the child was full of bacteria that needed to be terminated. Immediately, I ordered the antiparasitic Deta Ap device, which the doctor suggested, and he programmed the device according to the clinical condition of the intestine of the child and my kid started treatment. Month after month I saw an incredible difference. The child, after the first 3 months had changed totally and her looks, too. The diarrhea stopped. The tone of the face turned back to normal, again.

Here comes the winter … not even one viral infection. Before that, her body was so weak, that she would have all kinds of viruses all the time!After six months we repeated the diagnostic test. 80% of the bacteria was not there.

At the same time, we started homeopathy. She began to take homeopathic medicines and used the bioresonance device at the same time, every single day, as recommended by the doctor. I had started betting with myself that we would finally get out victorious! Victory would come with the colonoscopy I had planned to do in September of that year.One year after the treatment with the bioresonance devices. Actually, we had an introspection of the intestine and I asked, because this time they wouldn’t let me in, that they would take lots of pictures of the bowel. The bowel was totally clean. As a normal human being’s. No inflammation, no mucus, no blood trail. It was the first time that the doctor told us, he would see us again after 2-3 years!Because until that time we would visit him every 2 months!
Today my daughter is like all the other normal children of her age. We have been following the guidance of our homeopathic, and gradually we began to stop using the homeopathic medicines. No diarrhea.We use the device of Deta Elis in a preventive way. The immune system is strengthened too. She does not easily get sick. The iron and ferritin is normal. The last bottle of iron ,was put in the hospital last year, before I got to know Deta Elis.
In all these 4 years of the disease we had to enter the hospital five times only for getting the iron needed. Apart from the elations. Our aim is to banish this “our best friend” Mrs. “Ulcerative Colitis” out of our life forever. We do not need such friends! Friends are the ones who open our eyes when we need them and my eyes were really opened by such a friend when he told me about the Deta Elis company at the time I was really desperate.


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