Sofia Michailidou


Something was going wrong with my period for two months and I was bleeding. I went to a gynecologist and found out that I had a polyp. He gave me a hormone therapy for 10 days, but after three days I stopped because these pills were driving me crazy.

At that time, a friend of mine talked to me about bioresonance. I made the decision and did the diagnostic test,which confirmed the existence of the polyp that was already diagnosed by my gynecologist. I bought the portable antiparasitic device Devita Ap and the certified bioresonance therapist programmed the device to eliminate the polyp. After 10 days that I have been using the device, my period got back to normal and until now the circle is absolutely well. Although I was feeling great, I was also curious to know what had happened, so I visited my gynecologist once again, and to his surprise he discovered that there was no polyp any more, although like I said, I stopped the treatment with the hormones he had given me on the 3rd day. Another very important and useful experience that my family has experienced with the bioresonance treatment, has to do with my kids. My children used to get sick every 15 days and were taking lots of antibiotics. Since they have started using the devices for prevention, they rarely get sick, and if they do, we use the frequencies for the flu of the DeVita Ap and DeVita Ritm device and become well again within 1-2 days, without getting any antibiotics.

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