Tzema I.


My name is Tzema and I work in a restaurant and this thing takes my energy and a lot of power away, daily. This situation led me to a chronic fatigue and as a result to this, I was feeling like I didn’t want to do anything at all, I was always tired and unhappy and had frequent insomnia and resentment.

In August 2014 I had the great chance get to know the method of bioresonance and buy two portable bioresonance devices by the Deta Elis company. An antiparasitic device which is called DeVita Ap and a regulating device, DeVita Ritm. From the very first day that I put the devices on, I felt a change in my mood to the better, by using the anti stress programs and some others to improve the mood and energy. A few days later I noticed that the night sleep was very much improved and in the morning I would wake up feeling light and beautiful.

In October 2014 while riding a motorbike,we had an accident, in which I was severely injured. I could not move my right hand at all , that was too swollen as shown in picture No 1. I had started using repeatedly the program with the anti-inflammatory action of the DeVita Ritm device, and the result was immediate and spectacular as you can see in picture No3. The swelling was completely gone within 24 hours by the use of the antiinflammatory frequency. Since I have started using the devices, I have successfully faced two influenza cases of my kids and also a bad case of the herpes virus that happened to me. In general, since I have started using the Deta Elis devices, we did not need to take any chemical drugs and I’m very happy for that.

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