Well Being


The word well being derives from the prefix “ευ” which, in ancient Greek, means “well” and the word “exis” which means habit and comes from the verb have. Nowadays this word practically means the state of good health, good physical condition, in other words robustness.
In 1946 the World Health Organization formulated that health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Therefore, the concept of well being, not only aims at physical health, but also at mental and emotional and is a general sense of power, health and beauty which is radiated from the body. It is what we call “We feel good and we also look good.”
“With the current lifestyle the modern man has forgotten that there are options (the healthy choices) that can lead him towards a longer and of better quality life, to the well-being ‘.”
Way of life


Wellness circle

The basic rule of wellness is the balance in the spirit, soul and body, aiming at the successful dealing of the demanding everyday life.
Experts format wellness as a circle with four sections: psychology, beauty, nutrition and exercise.

The DETA ELIS HOLDING has pioneered achieving the perfect balance with the use of its products.
Finally, it is essential to emphasize that wellbeing is clearly a matter of personal choice. If we treated our body and soul holistically, then these two would be fully coordinated with each other and we would enjoy every moment of our life as unique, radiating what we really want.

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